High Quality Noise

This is us.


We're working on projects in new media, computer generated content, and human modeling to name a few. Our development process centers around a rapid iteration cycle which we call One Week Prototype.

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We learn and create through games. From speaking language to making collective decisions, we treat life as play and enjoy rediscovering and changing the rules. Our newest addition, Scherzo: an audiovisual puzzle game is coming out for iOS and Android soon.

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The organization, people, and values of HQN are the genetic code which allows it to grow and change. The primary directive of the society is that it reflect and facilitate the values of all of its members. Together we own and operate HQN. If you would like to join us, you can get in touch by mailing hqn at highqualitynoise.

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Contact: hqn at highqualitynoise

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